This Ain’t California

The world I work in repeats words like, “Drought tolerant” and “California friendly” in describing plants. When I see dark green lawns, I cringe because I know the amount of water and fertilizer it takes to pull it off. But last week I was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota visiting family and had to adjust my thoughts.

We stayed at my cousin Steve’s house and I took these pictures walking around the neighborhood. I’ve been here before, but I still find it strange (I admit it) that very few of the houses have property fences. My mom says that was the first thing she had to get used to when she and my dad moved to California. The second thing is the endless green lawns – all mowed weekly. Drought is not a way of life here. In fact, the week before we arrived they had 6″ of rain in one day…in the summer! And, of course, this is all covered in snow in the winter.

As a Southern California landscape designer, I must say, we just can’t pull this off here…not responsibly anyway, but if we could….

This is one backyard.

I took this picture standing in a front yard, looking past the backyard.

My brother overlooking the creek that runs through the neighborhood.

These large Blue Spuce's were everywhere...beautiful.


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