20 Years Ago Today….

…we were married. My husband Scot and I were married at the quaint St. Bartholomew’s Church in Belmont Shore by a visiting Irish priest with a heavy brogue; I wore my mom’s wedding dress; my dad sang; the church was full with friends and family and JOY. We honeymooned in romantic Italy.

As I was looking for a picture to add to this post, I found all sorts of memories. At my bridal shower, we had asked for a ‘Recipe for a Happy Marriage’. One of my friend’s mother, whose husband is now afflicted with Alzheimer’s, wrote, “Always be thankful to God for each other”; Scot’s grandmother, who passed away a few years back underlined, “..give a large amount of telling it like it is”; and an aunt, whose been married about 50 years, wrote “Keep a sense of humor”.

Our reception was on a grass lawn of a Long Beach hotel, overlooking the bay. We walked in with the USC Fight song playing and Scot’s mom gave a beautiful toast. Fireworks lit up the sky from the Queen Mary and everyone stopped dancing to look. It was magical.



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