Cool Family

20 Years Ago Today….

…we were married. My husband Scot and I were married at the quaint St. Bartholomew’s Church in Belmont Shore by a visiting Irish priest with a heavy brogue; I wore my mom’s wedding dress; my dad sang; the church was full with friends and family and JOY. We honeymooned in romantic Italy.

As I was looking for a picture to add to this post, I found all sorts of memories. At my bridal shower, we had asked for a ‘Recipe for a Happy Marriage’. One of my friend’s mother, whose husband is now afflicted with Alzheimer’s, wrote, “Always be thankful to God for each other”; Scot’s grandmother, who passed away a few years back underlined, “..give a large amount of telling it like it is”; and an aunt, whose been married about 50 years, wrote “Keep a sense of humor”.

Our reception was on a grass lawn of a Long Beach hotel, overlooking the bay. We walked in with the USC Fight song playing and Scot’s mom gave a beautiful toast. Fireworks lit up the sky from the Queen Mary and everyone stopped dancing to look. It was magical.


Middle School is So Over

Today my ‘little boys’ graduated from middle school. They are so cute, my Jack and James. All morning they complained about having to wear their good clothes with, “Why do we have to tuck in our shirts!”. They growled, but I think they were just anxious about the whole thing. These two are each other’s ‘best-good-friends’, quoting Forest Gump, and it’s true. So, now we have three in high school. And just to make it clear, James says to Bridget, ‘We’re all together again”. She rolled her eyes. Precious.